Caring for the environment has never been more important. That’s why here at Northwood, we take a sustainable approach to every aspect of our business.

Every year we sell 7.5 million cases of finished products to washrooms and workplaces all over the UK and beyond. Thanks to our continued environmental efforts, there is a green story behind every single product.

Northwood Hygiene Products

Whether you know it or not, the chances are that at some time or other you have come into contact with a Northwood product.

As one of the leading suppliers of paper hygiene products, our products can be found in many different establishments across a variety of sectors including:

Education, Leisure, Food & Catering, Offices, Industry, Healthcare

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Northwood's Recycling Story

Every year, Northwood recycles thousands of tonnes of office waste, preventing it from going to landfill and helping to preserve acres of forest.

The paper undergoes a process of transformation which involves mashing it to a pulp, filtering out contaminants and extracting the fibre, leaving us with our eco-label certified raw material.

For every 30,000 tonnes of paper that we recycle, 1,000 football pitches worth of forest is preserved.

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The manufacturing process involves turning the reclaimed paper fibre into a new product.

First, a diluted fibre suspension is sprayed onto a moving roll of film. Then, it goes through a drying process which gradually reduces the water content, turning it back into paper. At the end of the process, the paper is rolled to form the giant parent reels which we use to convert into the final products.

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Every day, giant ‘Parent Reels' – often weighing between 1 – 2 tonnes, arrive at our converting plants from our mill facility, where they are cut to size and packaged before being sent all over the UK.

To eliminate as much wastage as possible, the size of the parent reels is dictated by the dimensions of the final product. This means we can use every centimetre possible of the parent reel by designing it with the final cut in mind.

At Northwood, every offcut is recycled directly back into the manufacturing process for zero waste.

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Our commitment to green extends to every area of our operations.

With our fleet delivering Northwood products to every corner of the British Isles, transportation of our products is another key part of our green story. We are careful about how our finished products reach their final destination and eventually the point of contact.

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