What is converting?

Converting is the process of turning the bulk paper produced in our mill into the end products that our clients and their customers come into contact with on a daily basis. Paper arrives at our processing plants in huge ‘ Parent Reels’ – often weighing between 1 – 2 tonnes, before being cut to it’s individual unit sizes and packaged for shipping to the distributor.

Our green story begins before the parent reels are even produced. In order to eliminate as much wastage as possible in the conversion process, the size of the parent reels is dictated by the dimensions of the final product. This approach to production means we can use every centimetre possible of the parent reel by designing it with the final cut in mind.

Of course, no matter how precise we get things, there will always be a certain amount of leftover material. At Northwood, this is recycled directly back into the manufacturing process.

Converting and energy saving

As well as being focused on reducing material consumption and waste, we are always working to make our converting process more energy efficient.

To achieve this, we look at every detail, from replacing traditional lighting solutions throughout our factory with energy saving LED lighting, to upgrading machines with more efficient components as part of our ongoing improvement programme. We have an ongoing production review strategy in place to look for new opportunities and approaches to deliver constant environmental improvement.


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