Our Green Logistics

Our commitment to green extends to every area of our operations. With our fleet delivering Northwood products to every corner of the British Isles, transportation of our products is another key part of our green story. We are careful about how our finished products reach their final destination and eventually the point of contact.

Logistics in Numbers

  • 11 Tractor Units
  • 22 Trailers
  • 890,000 miles travelled a year
  • £1.6 Million investment in fleet

Northwood Logistics – A Green Fleet

Over the last few years, we have invested over £1.6 million to upgrade our vehicles and reduce the average age of our fleet. As a result, all of our vehicles are now compliant to Euro 6 standards for emissions and also meet the conditions for the London Low Emission Zone. Our fleet is also now fully automatic, further reducing their environmental impact.

We recognise that no matter how efficient the vehicle, the driver plays a central role in the impact of vehicles on the environment. That’s why we go the extra mile and invest in training all of our drivers in ecological driving above and beyond the requirements set out in the law. As a result, we have been able to see an incredible 10% reduction in fuel consumption – an achievement which has huge environmental benefits.

Our logistics team carefully plans our supply chain activities to be as efficient as possible. Firstly, we plan our delivery schedule to use the most efficient routes and operate to maximum capacity. This is achieved by planning efficient shipping by volume to ensure the most efficient load. We do everything we can to ensure that our lorries never make empty journeys. We collect paper waste – our core raw material – throughout the transport network, collecting up to 27 tonnes of waste in any single load. We also carry loads for third parties where appropriate to avoid empty runs.

Our duty to the environment doesn’t stop with fuel and emissions either – we promote a considerate attitude towards other road users and the wider community in all of our drivers, from courteous driving to responsible parking and beyond.

We also take care to source our vehicles and their maintenance from local contractors, so that we can contribute back to our communities and play a part in their local economies.

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