Northwood’s Recycling Story

Northwood acquired waste reclamation specialist Ashley Recycling in 2011 guaranteeing a supply of high quality recycled waste paper for the mill facility. In early 2012 the mill and converting plant of Peter Grant Papers was also acquired by the group and a new logistics company formed as the final part of what is now a fully integrated supply chain solution for the away-from-home paper sector.

The story of how Northwood recycles paper involves a series of processes whose function is to turn waste paper back into useful products.

Raw materials

The story begins when a piece of photocopier paper is put into a recycling bin.  The raw material for the majority of Northwood’s paper products is waste paper graded as sorted office waste, which we obtain through shredding companies, local councils and other sources of recycled waste paper. The paper comes to Northwood’s recycling facilities as bales, before beginning the process of being turned back into usable product.

Waste paper is our largest material cost. Unlike a typical production company, which typically consumes resources, by buying this waste we prevent thousands of tonnes of waste a year from going into landfill. To put it in perspective, for every 30,000 tonnes of paper that we recycle, 1,000 football pitches worth of forest is preserved.

Once the paper has arrived at our recycling plant, it is cleaned, contaminants are removed and it is processed back to fibre level before being transformed back into toilet rolls and hand towels.

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